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MLC Lease Purchase Financing

Today’s growing cities and towns need cost-effective solutions so they can provide quality services. Lease-purchase financing (LPF) is a great way to upgrade your current equipment and infrastructure. With full ownership at the end of the lease term, LPF is a great pathway to modern equipment and technology now. Rates are competitive, so contact us today and let’s get started!

  • Build equity – retain 100% ownership at end of lease term

  • Effective solution during revenue shortfalls, budgetary issues

  • Leasing is not considered debt, it is a line item in your budget

  • Conserves working capital so you can do more on a tight budget

  • Virtually all state, local agencies, and 501 (c)(3)s are eligible

  • LPF does not need board approval; avoids the time, expense and uncertainty of bond issues

  • LPF is a budget-friendly option that’s also fast and flexible!


MLC Energy Project Financing

MLC has financed hundreds of energy projects and energy performance contracts. We make it our job to know the latest energy technologies, and the differences and benefits of each. With LPF you can take advantage of the latest technology, saving energy and lowering costs. We are proud to partner with communities all across the U.S., to help them conserve their budgets and drive economic success!

  • ESPC (Energy Savings Performance Contracts) help reduce your energy costs

  • Energy Efficient HVAC Systems / Renewable Projects

  • LED Facility Lighting / Street Lighting

  • Water / Wastewater Treatment Facilities

  • Energy Cogen / Storage Systems / Microgrids

  • Building Envelope Upgrades (windows, doors, roofing, etc)

  • Smarter Technology = More Savings!


MLC Bond Refinancing and Refunding

Municipal lease and bond refinancing (refunding) is a smart option that could save your community millions. Leveraging the power of the market, municipalities are using realized savings to lower tax rates, and upgrade equipment and infrastructure with our lease-purchase options. MLC lease and bond refinancing refunding should be an integral part of your financial strategy.

  • Replace existing high interest rate agreements with new low-cost options

  • Strategically improve your financial agreements to benefit you

  • Improve your capital to debt-to-equity ratio

  • Take advantage of current competitive interest rates

  • Reserve capital and offset inevitable future inflationary increases

  • Related tax benefits provide additional operating performance

  • Leverage your REFI savings towards other essential projects!



Since 1994, MLC has helped finance more than $2.5 billion in municipal equipment and technology projects, and over $1 billion in energy efficiency projects all across the USA! Call us today to discuss all the options for your upcoming project.