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Municipal Lease Financing and the Tight Credit Market
By: Robin M. Gidney, Vice-President, Municipal Leasing Consultants

Managing and leading successful state municipalities, schools, and businesses is both challenging and rewarding. But raising funds for necessary capital improvements can often require almost Herculean efforts... especially in today's shaky and ever-tightening credit market. More and more these cash-strapped entities find themselves calling on the skills and services of an experienced lease financing company such as MLC - Municipal Leasing Consultants.

There are hundreds of companies that provide this type of leasing, and you are well-advised before plunging into your project to make sure that the company you choose is highly qualified:

1. They should have extensive experience in the lease-financing sector, and be able to get projects funded and started quickly.

2. They should have knowledgeable staff who offer excellent customer service. At MLC we go over and above what's required, and are able to shepherd the project through any issues that arise.

3. They should provide financing for your type of entity or industry, and for the equipment and technology you need.   

There are a variety of effective financing options provided by MLC - Municipal Leasing Consultants:

1. Capital Lease or Finance Lease: It is a type of lease that is used for commercial arrangements. Sometimes referred to as a conditional sales contract. It combines some of the benefits of leasing with those of ownership. This lease allows acquiring full ownership of the equipment at the end of the lease. The terms and conditions for the acquisition of the equipment exist in the agreement itself.

2. Conditional Sales Lease: It is non- true lease where after paying certain amount to the manufacturer, lessee acquires the equipment for a shorter duration of its economic life. Certain amount of interest is also associated with it. The equipment can be purchased after the lease ends for paying a nominal value.

3. Tax Lease or True Lease: This type is lease is valuable for companies that are vulnerable to technological obsolescence, such as computers. It has lower monthly payments that can be claimed as tax deductions. At the end of the lease, you can purchase it, continue the lease or return it to the lesser.

4. Operating Lease: This type of lease allows the lessee to have the right to use the equipment without any right to own it. If you want to have the ownership at the end of the lease, the terms and risk involved are much which wouldn't be acceptable. But it provides greater flexibility as well as cut down the expenses of the running business.

5. Municipal Lease: This type of lease allows the municipal funded equipment to be owned for certain duration by the state government or a company. It is a financial agreement between the both parties.

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