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Did you know only 35%
of the energy in the fuel a utility power plant consumes reaches the customer in the form of electricity?

The other 65% is lost as heat rising up the smokestack and through inefficiencies in distribution.

Cogeneration loses just 10%
due to inefficiency.

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By considering cogeneration you could double your energy efficiency — saving you money. A cogeneration system uses the electricity of an on-site generator as well as using the heat that the generator makes as a byproduct, in much the same way a car heater fan uses the engine to heat the air. Cogeneration systems are also known as CHP systems, for Combined Heat and Power.

All components of energy systems can be leased:

Washington State University recently implemented a cogeneration plant that uses high-pressure steam to run a turbine generator to make electricity. It then uses low-pressure steam exiting the generator to heat the campus and run the central chillers.

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