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Did you know pedestrian improvements make money?

Did you know that a bright, clean, pedestrian-friendly downtown can have a positive economic impact on a city? And it can also dramatically affect your ability to darw and maintain successful businesses.

The city of Lodi, CA revitalized five blocks of its main street. The city credits these changes, as well as economic development
incentives, with the 75 new businesses, as well as a drop in the vacancy rate from 18% to 6%.

And a 30% increase in downtown sales tax revenues has been realized since work was completed in 1997.

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To keep your city services working at optimum levels, you need a myriad of equipment and technology.

Whether it’s heavy duty equipment, buildings and furnishings, security cameras, 911 call centers, energy-efficient street lighting, or a waste handler/loader for the transfer station, MLC can help you get the right items that work for your community and your budget.