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Green Power, Smart Power, & Alternative Energy Projects

Looking to decrease your financial outlay and your carbon footprint? Why not consider adding an alternative renewable energy source, otherwise known as "Green Power Projects, such as a solar array, to your existing energy system? In addition to the thermal solar systems that produce electricity, there are also passive solar systems, such as solariums and trombe walls that capture and store heat.

Whether your building a new energy-efficient system, or spec-ing an upgrade to an existing system, you'll want to look at these leasing options:

Any on-site generation of electricity requires planning and usually a large up-front investment of capital. MLC can structure a customized lease program that fits your specific needs.

Did you know adding an alternative technology to your existing traditional power plant makes your system distributed. Distributed systems can be more flexible and reliable, and when coordinated with the local utility, can actually be a money maker when excess electricity flows back from you into the utility.

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